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Permea China Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Yantai, China. Permea China is a subsidiary of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.



The gas separation equipment that is sold and distributed in China is engineered and fabricated by Chinese OEM companies using the hollow fiber membrane separators manufactured by Air Products Prism Membranes.  These systems have a reputation for excellent quality and very long operating lifetime. Products include air dehydration separators, nitrogen and oxygen generation equipment, and membrane systems for process gas applications for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and ammonia synthesis.


Permea China, Ltd. has experts that will help your company design and deliver high quality gas processing systems. Our company receives valuable support from Air Products and Chemicals, which is a global leader in industrial gas generation.


Together with its distributors, Permea China, Ltd. has sold thousands of nitrogen systems and many PSA nitrogen generator systems. It is is known as expert in gas processing systems design and has a good reputation for being a very ethical company.


Systems are sold through OEM companies who have working knowledge of the specialized segments that they serve. By using OEM companies, Permea China Ltd. focuses on making the best gas generation systems while letting OEM companies develop diverse businesses. Our OEM companies serve markets like coal mining, petroleum refining, ammonia synthesis, aerospace applications, food storage, beer dispense, and many others. If your company is interested in becoming a OEM company, we welcome you to contact us for more information.