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Nitrogen Separators

普里森PA分离器是用于产生氮气和氧气的膜分离器。1英寸至4英寸直径的分离器外壳是由铝端盖及高强度的ABS筒体组成, 6英寸及以上尺寸的膜分离器外壳由高品质的铝合金制成。





Prism PA Separators are the nitrogen and oxygen producing separators. The 1-inch to 4-inch diameter separators are mode from high strength ABS with aluminum end caps. The 6-inch and larger separators are made from high grade aluminum.


Each separator has thousands of tiny hollow fibers that separate the various molecules in a gas  stream through permeation by differential partial pressure. Smaller molecules make their way through the membranes while the larger and less permeable molecules remain. This action separates the various components of the gas stream into the "permeate stream" and the "non-permeate" stream.


Prism PA separators incorporate a lightweight and durable ABS shell. The materials are resistant to corrosion and can easily handled by one person.


In a nitrogen separation, the smaller oxygen and water molecules permeate from the high pressure compressed air and exit at low pressure from the shell of the separator. The high-pressure stream exits as nitrogen enriched air.






The PA6050 nitrogen separator is manufactured with all aluminum external components. This model is designed to be used in applications with high heat or harsh environments. The PA6050 is available with two fiber types: N1 fibers provide high flux for large volumes of nitrogen and P3 fibers which provide high selectivity when source air supply is a critical requirement.