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Transportation Applications



Prism Separators are used in transportation systems for several different functions. In aircraft, nitrogen is generated onboard to blanket the fuel tanks which reduces the likelihood of an explosive environment. In high altitude trains, oxygen is generated for passenger compartments to make for a more breathable atmosphere. Dehydration membrane separators are used to keep compressed air lines free of water so train brakes, pantographs, and pneumatically operated doors all function free of the corrosive effects of moisture.



Onboard Inert Gas Generation Systems



Prism PO Membrane Separators are the industry standard for fuel tank inerting with nitrogen. These lightweight membrane separators produce the nitrogen needed to minimize explosion hazards.



China has high-speed trains that connect every corner of the country. When these trains pass over the steepest mountains, air gets thin and breathing becomes difficult. See how Air Products membrane separators are creating the oxygen needed to make every trip a pleasant one.



Modern trains rely on compressed air for operating brakes, opening and closing doors, and keeping the pantograph in contact with electrical wires. See how Prism  dehydration separators are keeping railroad air systems free from corrosive moisture.



High Altitude Oxygen Generation



Air Dehydration Systems